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Implementing NICE Quality Standard ‘Falls in Older People’

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09:15 - 16:15

Thursday 28 March 2019

etc. Venues – Marble Arch, Central London

Falls are estimated to cost the NHS £2.3 billion a year. Falls can cost a loss of confidence, a loss of independence, or a loss of life. But this loss is preventable, with the right network of health services in primary and secondary care.

Our Implementing NICE Quality Standard ‘Falls in Older People’ course covers key topics including: causes of falls, multifactorial assessments, and personalised interventions. As well as clinical guidance, gain insight into networking services and presenting the case for preventative medicine.

Attend this Implementing Quality Standards for ‘Falls in Older People’ course, led by Professor Cameron Swift, to understand how to prevent falls and implement a successful falls prevention strategy in your area.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand and implement the updated NICE Quality Standard for falls
  • Engage with the process of multifactorial assessment and intervention
  • Champion the commissioning of preventative services
  • Learn how to lead an effective network for falls services in primary and secondary care
  • Create a successful fall prevention strategy


Cameron Swift, Consultant Physician, Kings College London


Kerry O’Neill, Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist, Prevention of Falls, Medway Maritime Hospital

Sharon Bond, Falls Prevention Team LeaderBradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Julie Whitney, Physiotherapist, King’s College London

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Cameron Swift, Consultant Physician, Kings College London

Professor Cameron Swift is a key member of the NICE Falls Clinical Guideline Development Group (GDG) and Quality Standards Advisory Committee that developed the core national guidance (CG24/161; 2004/2013) and updated Falls Quality Standard (QS86) (published in January 2017).  In the past, he served as Physician to the DOH External Reference Group for the England National Service Framework for Older People, and in this capacity chaired the Working Party for Standard 6 (Falls & Fractures).  He has also been Chairman of the NICE GDG, & subsequent Quality Standard Topic Expert Group for Hip Fracture (CG124, QS86) (2011, 2012).  He continues to serve as an expert member in current updates of NICE guidance (2014) and Quality Standards (2016-17) on both of these topics.

He is a physician and clinical pharmacologist, Emeritus Professor of Health Care of the Elderly at King’s College London, and a past President of the British Geriatrics Society.  He served for 6 years on the Committee on Safety of Medicines, and a further five on the Medicines Commission.

His NHS service and development work, focusing on the building of a credible clinical research and service base, entailed adopting both ‘age-related’ and ‘integrated’ speciality models to ensure delivery. He strongly advocates the demonstrable cost-effectiveness of the ‘comprehensive’ clinician-led service model bridging secondary, primary and social care.


Julie Whitney, Physiotherapist, King’s College London

Julie qualified as a physiotherapist with a BSc hons in physiotherapy from the University of Hertfordshire in 1997. Since 2000 she has specialised her healthcare practice and research on work with older people. After working with the Prevention of Falls Network Europe thematic network for fall prevention between 2003 and 2007 Julie completed a PhD looking at fall risk factors in older people with cognitive impairment living in residential care in 2013.

Julie is currently a NIHR clinical lecturer at King’s College Hospital where she combines research and clinical work in care planning to prevent falls in care homes. Julie is a member of the Royal College of Physicians falls and fragility fracture audit programme, sitting on the national inpatient falls audit working group and the scientific and publications committee. She is also a member of the Abbeyfield research grants programme committee and the treasurer for the British Geriatrics Society Falls and Bone Health special interest group.


Sharon Bond, Falls Prevention Team Leader, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Sharon Bond is the Team Leader for The Falls Prevention Team at Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust working within Adult Physical Health Services. Sharon leads the team expanding a coordinated and integrated approach to the prevention of falls.

Since undertaking this role in 2011 some of the proactive areas Sharon has influenced are;

  • Developing and implementing a Falls Pathway, Policies, Standards and Competencies for Falls Assessment
  • Provides specialist advice, education and training for clinical, non-clinical staff, pre-registration students and care home staff.
  • Developed in partnership a Falls Assessment Template for IT Systems.
  • Initiated and leads a Multidisciplinary Falls Link Group
  • Designed and produced in partnership with Leeds Beckett University a Virtual Reality project to aid the learning experience.
  • Initiated with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Partners the Bradford ‘Safe and Well’ pilot.

Sharon trained at Scarborough General Hospital, qualifying as an Enrolled Nurse in1982, and has spent 34 years of her career working in Community; in 1995 she qualified as a Registered General Nurse, in 1997 gained Diploma in Health Care Studies, completed her Community Specialist Practitioner (DN) degree with a 2:1. Sharon has also studied at Masters gaining a Practice Teachers Certificate for Health Professionals in 2007 and Supporting People with Long Term Conditions in 2009.


Rachel Morris, Falls Prevention Nurse, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Rachel Morris is the Falls Prevention Nurse for Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust working within Adult Physical Health Services. Initially qualifying as an adult nurse in January 2009 with an Advanced Diploma, she then obtained a 2:1 degree with honours from the University of Leeds in 2010. In 2012, Rachel did further study obtaining the Support for Learning in Practice qualification at master’s level.

Following a career primarily within district nursing, Rachel obtained her new role as “Falls Prevention Nurse” in February 2017 and has since qualified as an Otago Exercise Programme leader to support this role. In 2018, Rachel successfully completed the Mary Seacole Leadership Programme with the NHS Leadership Academy.


Tom Rhodes, Fire Officer, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Tom is the Fire Officer for Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust working in community and in acute mental health settings ensuring that the Trust is compliant with relevant Fire Safety legislation and Healthcare Technical Memorandums.  Tom undertakes risk assessments across the built estate and supports community teams in ensuring patients safety in their homes by providing advice and facilitating referrals to the Fire & Rescue Service.

Tom has been in this post from 2017 and prior to that worked 12 years for West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service.  From 2011 Tom held the role of Bradford District Prevention Manager tasked at delivering the community engagement and safety strategy across the area.  This focussed on working with partners to explore new ways of working to enhance the safety of members of the public.


Kerry O'Neill, Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist, Prevention of Falls, Medway Maritime Hospital

MSc ( Merit), BSc ( Hons), RN, Qualified Instructor for chair based exercise for the older person.


Kerry qualified as a registered nurse in 1992 and began working as a staff nurse in trauma and orthopaedics. In 1997, she became an osteoporosis specialist nurse, providing a comprehensive Osteoporosis Service including assisting with the development of a fracture liaison service, participating in nurse led metabolic bone clinics and clinical trials, performing bone densitometry, and providing expert knowledge and advice.

In 2010 Kerry was seconded for 18 months into a new post created to ensure that an integrated falls strategy was created and successfully implemented across the Trust. During the short time in post, falls were reduced by 15 %.  She became the falls prevention specialist Nurse in 2012 and worked solely in this position until June 2017, introducing falls prevention equipment and strategies, education programmes and leading various quality improvement projects such as the emergency department (ED) ambulatory falls pathway and devising the falls CRASH bundle.

In 2015, Kerry became the winner of the Trusts patient safety champion award. Following completion of MSc in Practice Development and Innovation in 2016, she was selected to join Q – a new initiative aiming to support continuous improvement in the quality of care for patients. Q is led by independent health care charity the Health Foundation together with NHS Improvement with members having to demonstrate knowledge of, commitment to and expertise in collaborative improvement.




Trainer's Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Cameron Swift, Consultant Physician, Kings College London (CONFIRMED)


Implement the New Falls Quality Standard

  • Understand the development of clinical guidance on falls prevention
  • Look at the evidence for effectively preventing falls
  • Review the recommended pathways for community and hospital settings
  • Learn the key factors in implementing and maintaining an effective falls prevention service

Cameron Swift, Consultant Physician, Kings College London (CONFIRMED)


Case Study: Effectively Employing Falls Prevention Strategies and Procedures in Hospital Setting

  • Discussing how a falls CRASH bundle can be used to reduce in-patient falls
  • Exploring the role of the Hospital falls prevention specialist Nurse in raising awareness
  • Understanding the importance of gathering initial incident intelligence
  • Participating in gathering initial intelligence following a fall
  • Learning about SWARMs to enhance patient safety

Kerry O’Neill, Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist, Prevention of Falls, Medway Maritime Hospital (CONFIRMED)


Morning Break


Effective Approaches to Fall Prevention and Patient Safety

  • Exploring the cause of falls and the impact of personalised interventions
  • Effectively identifying at risk persons and implementing a multifactorial assessment as a result of this
  • Implementing and delivering both effective hospital and care home settings that are able to prevent falls

Julie Whitney, Physiotherapist, King’s College London (CONFIRMED)




Workshop: Implementing a Networked Falls Service

Hear from Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust on their collaborative work with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service on how they improve falls services in the area.

  • How to create networks between services with coordination not reorganisation
  • The role of specialist services within a network of established services
  • Strategies for Clinical Commissioning in the context of a Sustainability and Transformation Plan
  • Insuring effective falls leadership and establishing accountability

Sharon Bond, Falls Prevention Team Leader, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (CONFIRMED)

Rachel Morris, Falls Prevention Nurse, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (CONFIRMED)

Tom Rhodes, Fire Officer, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (CONFIRMED)


Afternoon Break


Workshop: Creating a Successful Fall Prevention Strategy

In groups, work with the Trainer and speakers to develop a clear action plan in response to your institutions role in preventing falls in older people

  • Discuss with other delegates and share knowledge between services
  • Strategic planning to help reduce the number, cost and impact of falls in your services
  • Engage key stakeholders to ensure your strategy is understood and supported
  • Overcome obstacles to networking services and maximising referrals
  • Create a falls prevention action plan in line with NICE standards to take back to your organisation

Cameron Swift, Consultant Physician, Kings College London (CONFIRMED)


Feedback, Evaluation & Close

*Programme subject to change

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