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Understanding School Admissions and Appeals

primary & secondary education Training

09:15 - 16:15

Thursday 31 January 2019

The Hatton- etc Venues, Central London

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In the context of rising pupil populations, dealing with school admissions and appeals has become increasingly demanding. It is essential that all schools and local authorities are aware of their responsibilities and that their admissions and appeals procedures are compliant.

This Understanding School Admissions and Appeals course prepares you and your organisation to ensure compliance with the ‘School Admissions and Appeal Code’ through a range of sessions providing up to date guidance on admissions and appeals processes, legal requirements and how to manage appeals and complaints.

Through interactive sessions and practical workshops, work towards developing strategies for admissions and effectively handling appeals and complaints.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the current landscape of school admissions
  • Develop admissions procedures that are clear and fair
  • Establish legal requirements and responsibilities and ensure that admissions and appeals processes being used are compliant
  • Learn how to effectively and independently manage appeals and complaints
  • Determine how to prepare for admissions and appeals


Sharon Olivier, Admission Specialist, Sharon Olivier Consultancy


Rex Savin, Assistant Ombudsmen, Local Government Ombudsman

Jan Baines, School Admissions ManagerNorthamptonshire County Council

Robin Jacobs, Barrister – Education LawSinclairslaw

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Sharon Olivier

Admission Specialist, Sharon Olivier Consultancy

Sharon has extensive strategic and operational knowledge of School Admission & Appeals compliance and educational administration in general. For 12 years she worked as a policy compliance and marketing adviser to a successful MAT of 3 – 18 academies. She setup and managed the central admissions dept and successfully presented over 2000 appeals. She also worked as a consultant on 12 new academy projects for the MAT during that time.
In 2014/15 she managed the process of moving the central admissions dept to the individual schools. The objective was to ensure that there were trained staff in each school who had the knowledge and skill base to carry out the required procedures effectively. The role also included training staff on how to complete the School Census and advising them on how to manage the Post 16 data and explaining the funding implications.
Since becoming a consultant in 2015 she has supported schools with guidance on Admission and Appeals policy compliance and clerking school admission appeals, which includes training and providing independent panelists.
She is a Chair of Governors for a primary school in Croydon and understands the problems that schools are facing due to the current economic climate. In April of this year she was elected to the Croydon Schools Forum, which has enabled her to gain further knowledge into school funding.

Rex Savin

Assistant Ombudsmen, Local Government Ombudsman

Rex Savin has been an investigator for the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman since 2010. He specialises in children’s cases and delivers effective complaint handling training for councils and other public bodies. Previously, he was a senior leader in secondary education and a school teacher for 17 years. He has also been an assistant examiner for GSCE and A Level history and a school governor.




Chair’s Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Sharon Olivier, Admission Specialist, Sharon Olivier Consultancy (CONFIRMED)


Understanding the Current Landscape of School Admissions

  • Gain a thorough understanding of any key policy developments for 2018 and how to implement them
  • Learn how to achieve clear and fair procedures, practices and criteria


Morning Break


Developing Admissions Procedures

  • Learn how to develop straightforward, effective and transparent admissions procedures
  • Know when to consult and who to consult with when determining admissions arrangements
  • Consider protocols for potentially vulnerable children, including those previously excluded from school or those who have special education needs or disabilities (SEND)
  • Determine how to prepare for oversubscription, in year admissions and withdrawal of places

Jan Baines, School Admissions Manager, Northamptonshire County Council (CONFIRMED)


Successfully Navigating Legal Requirements

  • Establish the legal responsibilities and requirements of local authorities, own admissions authorities and governing bodies
  • Learn how to ensure compliance with both the Admissions and Appeals Codes
  • Explore practices and policies that may undermine fair admission processes
  • Examine SEND Code of Practice
  • Understand fair access protocol and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Analyse legislation relevant to admissions decisions
  • Study the different stages of the appeals process for both primary and secondary schools

Robin Jacobs, Barrister – Education Law, Sinclairslaw (CONFIRMED)




Ensuring Effective and Efficient Appeal Procedures and Processes

  • Learn about the stages of the appeal process and how to implement effective appeals procedures
  • Find out how to ensure transparent and independent decision-making processes
  • Know how admissions policies are applied in particular cases
  • Discuss scenarios and examples of how things go wrong with admissions and appeals and how to mitigate it

Rex Savin, Assistant Ombudsmen, Local Government Ombudsman (CONFIRMED)


Afternoon Break


Workshop: Develop an Admissions and Appeals Strategy

  • Working with the Chair, delegates will develop an admissions action plan for their organisation and devise a strategy for effectively handling appeals and complaints
  • Devise a strategy for effectively handling appeals and complaints
  • Role Play – A School Admission Appeal Hearing
  • Delegates will be given the opportunity to take part in/observe an appeal hearing

Sharon Olivier, Admission Specialist, Sharon Olivier Consultancy (CONFIRMED)


Feedback, Evaluation & Close

*Programme subject to change

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