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Effectively Handling Complaints in Housing

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09:15 - 16:15

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Central London



Complaints received by the Housing Ombudsman rose by almost 15% last year with 6,806 complaints received in 2017/18 up from 5,870 the previous year. In an increasingly pressured environment, housing associations are facing increased scrutiny to ensure that they are excelling at customer service and dealing with complaints effectively.

In order for organisations to improve tenant customer satisfaction and avoid escalation of the complaints to Housing Ombudsman, it is essential that your organisation develops complaints handling system that is both effective and efficient.

On this Effectively Handling Complaints in Housing training course, learn the necessary tools and techniques to implement a responsive complaints handling system that reduces costs, increases efficiency and protects your organisation’s reputation.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn from the Housing Ombudsman Service to better understand the types of complaints it receives
  • Learn how to effectively resolve complaints regarding repairs and defects
  • Understand how you can resolve complaints about anti-social behaviour
  • Hear how best to utilise customer feedback to drive improvement in complaints performance
  • Create an action plan that you can take away in order to make improvements to your complaint handling system
  • Reduce complaints quickly and effectively through reducing unnecessary stages and costs in your procedures


Peter DaveyCharity and Housing Consultant


Emma Foxall, Deputy Ombudsman, Housing Ombudsman Service

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Peter Davey

Charity and Housing Consultant 

Peter is a consultant specialising in helping housing associations, local authorities and charities develop the quality of their services and approaches to governance, strategic and business planning, user involvement and equality and diversity. Peter has extensive experience as a director, manager, consultant and trainer in industry, local and central government, housing associations and charities, with a successful record of delivering consultancy and interim management assignments. He is a trustee of Thames Reach, a charity working with London’s rough sleepers.

Emma Foxall

Deputy Ombudsman, Housing Ombudsman Service  

Emma comes from a legal background and has worked as a solicitor in both private practice and a local authority legal team. She also has extensive housing advice experience, having provided advice and training to advisors and advice agencies through Shelter’s National Homelessness Advisory Service. Emma joined the Housing Ombudsman Service in 2004, initially as an investigator. In her current role she has brought together her legal and training knowledge to lead on sector development work for the Housing Ombudsman Service.




Chair’s Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Peter Davey, Charity and Housing Consultant (CONFIRMED)


Understand the Role of the Housing Ombudsman Service

  • Gaining clarity on the role of the Housing Ombudsman and the powers it has been granted
  • Understanding what the Housing Ombudsman expects of housing associations
  • Working with the Housing Ombudsman to develop an effective complaint reduction plan
  • Developing clear complaints procedures for residents in new-build properties

Emma Foxall, Deputy Ombudsman, Housing Ombudsman Service (CONFIRMED)


Morning Break


Case Study: Developing a Clear Strategy to Respond to Complaints about Repairs and Defects

  • Analysing what are the main challenges in handling complaints about defects and repairs and best ways to overcome them
  • Implementing effective complaints procedures and processes to reduce the volume of complaints and improve response time
  • Improving your response rates to complaints about defects
  • Setting performance targets for responding to complaints and monitoring performance against those targets

Amy Winder, Partnerships and Quality ManagerGolding Homes (invited)

Eileen Parrott, Asset ManagerGolding Homes (invited)


Best Practice: Understanding How to Effectively Resolve Complaints about Tenants Behaviour

  • Developing clear strategies when managing a tenant’s complaint about anti-social behaviour
  • Creating clear line of communication and cooperation police and other agencies when responding to complaints
  • Providing training and support for staff to help them identify anti-social behaviour and then effectively deal with the issue
  • Dealing with angry and abusive correspondence and difficult clients

Michelle Francis, Head of Community Safety & Support, Peabody (invited)




Workshop: Writing Effective Responses to Complaints

Delegates will have the opportunity to improve their responses and receive guidance on the latest trends and insights

  • Understanding how correspondents want their complaint handled and what they expect from the reply
  • Discovering ways of presenting information to be easily understood
  • Summarising complex information into language and a structure that can be easily understood
  • Identifying best practice use of style, tone, vocabulary, presentation of facts and evidence

Peter Davey, Charity and Housing Consultant (CONFIRMED)


Workshop: Developing an Effective Complaints Handling System

Discuss in groups and with the Chair the best methods to improve your organisation’s response to complaints.

  • Learning how to use complaints to improve services by analysing the root causes of the complaints and prioritising areas for improvement
  • Filtering out and finding the best way to deal with the vexatious and repeated complainants
  • Developing procedures to mitigate the impact of a complaint on your organisation’s reputation
  • Utilising customer feedback to inform future complaint handling and ensure that tenants feel listened to
  • Creating an action plan to improve your complaint handling systems and processes to improve efficiency whilst also improving tenant relations

Peter Davey, Charity and Housing Consultant (CONFIRMED)


Feedback, Evaluation and Close

*Programme subject to change

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