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In-House: Supporting Charity Governance through Effective Trustee Training

voluntary sector Training

For any voluntary sector organisation to be a success and to achieve its aims it is essential that it has an effective governance and leadership structure in place. This can only be achieved if trustees are fully aware of the requirements of their role in a voluntary sector organisation and how they can best realise their responsibilities to deliver the best outcomes for their specific charity.

This In-House course will give you an opportunity to review the responsibilities of a trustee in a voluntary sector setting and enable you to establish effective governance within your organisation. With the support of an expert trainer you will learn what constitutes good governance, the legal and financial responsibilities of trustees and understand the hugely positive impact effective trustees have on a charity.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding the evolving role of a voluntary sector trustee
  • Learn what constitutes good governance and the role of trustees in ensuring the delivery of effective governance
  • Find out the financial responsibilities of a trustee as a board member and how to implement effective financial planning and scrutiny
  • Understand legal responsibilities and personal liabilities of trustees and how you can use them to manage organisational resources
  • Harness the full potential of a charity and reach specific targets and goals through effective governance
  • Take away key insights on how to manage people and relationships across the organisation at board level
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Trainer’s Welcome & Clarification of Learning Objectives


Understanding the Trustee Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities

  • The changing environment in which trustees and charities have to operate
  • Who under charity law are the trustees?
  • CC3 – Duties of trustees including:
    • collective authority and responsibility of trustees
    • acting in charity’s best interest through adequately informed decision making and ensuring no conflict of interest can occur
    • not benefiting
  • Understanding the personal liabilities of trustees and the protection available
  • Duties of Company Directors
  • Governance Code 2017


Morning Break


Understanding the Evolving Role of Trustees in Delivering Effective Governance

  • Discussing what constitutes governance?
  • Understanding the role of trustees and the board in achieving effective governance
  • The relationship between governance and management
  • Success and failure of organisations and the link with governance
  • The importance of planning for the future and scanning the environment in a fast changing world
  • A critical look at least two models of governance


Effective Financial Governance – a Matter for Every Trustee (1)

  • Why all trustees need to engage in Financial Governance
  • Analysing and discussing different types of charity funds
  • Insolvency and why charities fail
  • Your budget (within a financial strategy)
  • Financial risks (including different types of financial fraud)
  • Your financial strategy
  • Importance of understanding your financial model




Effective Financial Governance – a Matter for Every Trustee (2)

  • Your reserves policy
  • Measuring financial performance
  • Financial Ratios and KPIs for your charity
  • Financial controls and procedures
  • Relationship with auditors
  • Qualified and unqualified reports


Afternoon Break


Understanding the Relationship between Chief Executive and Trustees

  • Promoting the benefits of a good chair/CEO relationship
  • Analysing what an effective relationship between the board of trustees and chief executive looks like
  • Ensuring that the board effectively holds the CEO to account without meddling in the day to day management of the charity
  • Getting the right balance between support and constructive challenge;
  • Julia Unwin’s 5S model for high performance boards


Feedback, Evaluation & Close

*Programme subject to change

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