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Ensuring Effective Fire Safety in Housing

housing & housing services Training

09:15 - 16:30

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Central London

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In December 2018, the government committed to delivering the recommendations included in the Hackitt report from May 2018, with an emphasis on a more effective regulatory and accountability framework, clearer standards and guidance, and ensuring that residents are placed at the heart of the new framework. 

As the report states, those changes to the regulatory regime will help, but will not fully succeed in minimising the risk without a change in culture from one of doing the minimum required for compliance to one of taking ownership and responsibility for delivering a safe system throughout the lifecycle of the building.  

Additionally, the Competence Steering Group (CSG) has published an interim report in August 2019, setting out their proposals for oversight of competence and building safety register among other things.  

Join this one-day interactive training course on Ensuring Effective Fire Safety in Housing to get a grip on the latest regulations and updated safety requirements. You will leave this training session with the knowledge on how you can implement a comprehensive fire safety programme in your organisation.   

Learning Objectives:
  • Analyse the upcoming regulatory changes, including recent flammable cladding ban and their consequences to your organisation  
  • Clarify what you are accountable for and understanding shared responsibilities throughout the building’s lifecycles
  • Review and clarify your responsibilities and roles in ensuring fire safety in high rise buildings  
  • Discuss with your peers what an effective fire safety strategy looks like, and consequently create an effective fire safety programme for your organisation  

Mike Ellerby, LRB Consulting

Neil Yeomans, Head of Property Compliance, Orbit

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Trainer's Welcome and Clarification of Learning Objectives

Mike Ellerby, LRB Consulting [CONFIRMED]


Outlining Recent Legislation Updates and the Future Changes to Fire Safety in Housing

  • Discussing the Government’s Response to Hackitt Review and the proposed reform of building safety, including a new dutyholder regime and a more effective regulatory and accountability framework 
  • Clarifying the ‘grey areas’ in building regulation and building safety – ownership and responsibilities  
  • Understanding how changes to regulations help landlords improve fire safety in the existing buildings 
  • Analysing the recent ban of flammable cladding and its consequences for the industry, including new projects, existing buildings and buildings under construction 
  • Ensuring clarity in product testing, certification and quality assurance  

Muraad Chaudhry, Project Delivery Officer- Remediation Policy & Delivery (Building Safety), Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (invited)


Interactive Session: Forecasting the Implications of Legislation Changes on Your Organisation

A 15-minute interactive session in which delegates will be able to ask questions, partake in polls, raise key concerns with both the speakers and trainer. 


Case Study: Setting Up Coordinated Partnership for Housing - Primary Fire Authority Scheme

  • Discussing how Magna Housing went about setting up the coordinated partnership with Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service, including auditing all properties and fire safety processes to ensure it meets requirements
  • Reviewing how the Primary Authority Scheme works and the benefits of membership such as better access to advice and recognition of compliance
  • Sharing the resources provided by the partnership and how they have been used to increase overall fire-safety of Magna homes

Ian Partington, Project Manager, Magna Housing (invited)


Morning Break


Interactive Session: Mapping Accountability in Your Organisation

A 15-minute interactive session in which delegates will partake in polls to determine key areas of concern and inform the trainer of where their organisation stands in terms of accountability. 


Defining Accountability in the Housing Sector: Roles, Responsibilities and Accreditation for Fire Safety

  • Determining primary responsibility for new build and commissioned projects 
  • Establishing who ensures that the building remains fit for purpose throughout its lifecycle 
  • Ensuring competence and qualifications of all parties involved 
  • Working with other agencies, organisations and residents to establish shared responsibility 
  • Clarifying the overlap in responsibilities – who holds the responsibility for making sure that buildings are safe  
  • Ensuring comprehensive fire safety and risk assessment training for all parties involved 

Mike Ellerby, LRB Consulting [CONFIRMED]




Case Study: Effectively Implementing Organisation Wide Culture Change Towards Fire Safety in Housing

  • Discussing Orbit’s journey from being the first Housing Provider (HP) to be downgraded for fire safety in 2015 to becoming the first HP to be awarded the RoSPA Gold award for Customer Safety in 2019 
  • Implementation of cultural change at Orbit and the practical steps taken to transform the way all compliance functions are now approached and delivered 
  • Analysing how the ‘customer safety’ culture aligns with some of the key findings in the Hackitt report 
  • Providing real world practical steps that any organisation can take to help change the way they keep their customers safe  

Neil Yeomans, Head of Property Compliance, Orbit [CONFIRMED]


Building an Efficient and Effective Fire Safety Programme in Your Organisation

Work with the trainer to develop an effective, comprehensive plan to improve fire safety in your organisation 

  • Reviewing the existing organisational standards, identifying areas of weakness and building on good practice 
  • Planning for the implementation of the approaching changes in your organisation  
  • Ensuring compliance, inspection and accreditation and taking into account budgetary constraints 
  • Building an efficient fire safety programme – with particular emphasis on high rise buildings  
  • Discussing how you can future-proof projects by ensuring that the products you invest in are in accordance with standards and are marketed in relation to building regulations 

Mike Ellerby, LRB Consulting [CONFIRMED]


Feedback, Evaluation and Close

*Programme subject to change

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