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In-House: Ensuring Research Integrity and Effective Misconduct Investigations

further & higher education Training

Higher Education institutions are at the forefront of carrying out research, which provides a wider benefit for the UK.

However, with growing competition from abroad, REF 2021 on the horizon and the changing nature of research; it is becoming increasingly important that research institutions make a further commitment to ensure research they are supporting is transparent, ethical and compliant.

The purpose of the revised Concordat to Support Research Integrity is to provide clear guidance on how this can be achieved.

Host this training course In-House for you and your colleagues to receive an update on the next steps in improving research integrity. Gain the necessary tools to respond to allegations of misconduct and lead the investigation in a professional, confidential and timely manner.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discover the next steps for improving research integrity –Concordat to Support Research Integrity and Research Excellence Framework 2021
  • Take away the knowledge on how to build a culture of integrity in your institution
  • Learn about the different forms misconduct can take and methods of detection
  • Find out how to deal with misconduct allegations and lead on the subsequent investigations
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Trainer’s Welcome & Introduction


Outlining the Next Steps in Improving Research Integrity Across the UK Research Community

  • Overview of sector developments and update on research integrity in UK and the wider international research community
  • Discussing updates and next steps for the review of the Concordat to Support Research Integrity
  • Providing further information on the Research Excellence Framework 2021 and how it will support research integrity
  • Analysing what are the most recurring trends in problems with research integrity – analysing examples of misconduct in UK research


Morning Break


Building a Culture of Research Integrity within Your Own Organisation

  • Analysing strategies designed to embed a culture of integrity including ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ approaches
  • Establishing successful training and development programmes for researchers on preventing misconduct and applying research integrity
  • Discussing and celebrating examples of best practice from across the research community
  • How to embed research integrity in your organisation – developing an in-house programme




Case Study: Developing Research Integrity Through the Commitments to the Concordat

  • Continuing the development of the institutional research integrity and research ethics agenda, including providing researchers with clear policies and procedures
  • Establishing appropriate training to foster good practice in research and to ensure those involved in research are aware of internal and external requirements
  • Creating a supportive environment and raising awareness
  • Establishing and implementing effective procedures for detecting and investigating misconduct
  • Demonstrating the commitment to meeting the requirements of the Research Integrity Concordat



Afternoon Break


Investigating Misconduct – Responsibilities and Recommendations

  • Defining misconduct – outlining what does and does not fall within the definition
  • Reporting concerns of research misconduct, examining options and assessing potential for informal resolution
  • Receiving a formal allegation of research misconduct, and discussing what happens next
  • Outlining the process for investigation of allegations of research misconduct, collection of evidence and timeframes
  • Dealing with appeals and analysing what penalties and corrective actions can be implemented within your organisation
  • Discussing confidentiality and safeguarding arrangements for those involved
  • Carrying out cross-institutional investigations and discussing challenges associated with such investigations


Feedback, Evaluation & Close

*Programme subject to change

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