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In-House: Promoting and Improving Mental Health in the Workplace

health & social care Training

housing & housing services Training

local government Training

primary & secondary education Training

voluntary sector Training

Mental ill health costs employers in the UK £30 billion every year through lost production, recruitment and absence. Work related stress and mental health are some of the main causes of long and short term absence from work in manual and non-manual workers.

Media campaigns say one in four of us will experience poor mental health at some point in our lives. But the reality is we all have mental health all the time.  It is therefore of critical importance that employers take steps to promote positive mental health in the workplace and adequately support those experiencing mental ill health.

Host this In-House training course will equip you with strategic approaches, the necessary tools, information and understanding of the causes of mental ill health. It will prepare you to support and manage your staff and help create a healthy and productive working environment.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the common conditions and current thinking around mental health at work – from a cost, legal and human point of view
  • Find out how you can review your workplace wellbeing approach and create an evidence-based strategy that will suit your employees
  • Gain insight into the tools and support processes that really work (and those that don’t)
  • Discuss wellbeing challenges, share experiences and good practice and create a plan for where you work
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Chair’s Introduction and Clarification of Learning Objectives


Recognising and Understanding Mental Health Symptoms and Causes – The Big Picture

  • Challenging misconceptions and stigma surrounding mental health – myths and reality
  • Understanding the most common mental health conditions and recognising certain workplace situations that may trigger mental health issues in your staff
  • Discussing work related stress and beyond: from HSE to me
  • Making the business case for supporting mental wellbeing in a workplace


Morning Break


Creating a Better Working Environment to Help Prevent Mental Health Issues and Raise Productivity

  • Examining your organisational culture and reviewing your workplace practice – how it is done
  • Reading the results – analysing and discussing real life case studies and examples
  • Organising the beehive – creating an internal strategy to manage mental health in the workplace




Workshop: Effectively Managing and Supporting Staff with Mental Health Issues

Including 15 minutes afternoon coffee break

  • Supporting employees through their wellbeing journey – before, during and after absence
  • Having a safe conversation with someone about their mental health
  • Planning for and talking about suicide at work
  • Implementing the Mental Health First Aid in the workplace – discussing the research on effectiveness, and best practice application
  • Brilliant tools for managers at ANY level, including Wellbeing Action Plans, wonderful 1-2-1s and workplace adjustments


Feedback, Evaluation & Close

*Programme subject to change

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