primary & secondary education Training

Excelling at Independent School Inspections

primary & secondary education Training

09:15 - 16:15

Wednesday 3 July 2019

DeVere West One, Central London


Inspections undertaken by the Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) seek to improve the quality of education, the welfare of students and ensure that independent schools are compliant with the statutory requirements. To get the best out of the inspection process, schools need to be aware of the standards and expectations of inspectors and be prepared for the documentation that ISI requires.

On this training course, delegates will receive expert guidance on the inspections process from the point of notification to the production of the final report. Hear from an expert ISIC Consultant who will provide you with a clear understanding of the inspection process and the expectations and approach of the ISI.

Through a range of theory and practical exercises, gain essential knowledge on how to prepare for an inspection and demonstrate success in key inspection areas alongside developing an improvement strategy to take away for your school.

Learning Objectives:
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the inspection process and the standards and expectations of inspectors
  • Ensure that your school and its policies are compliant with the Independent School Standards Regulations in order to feel prepared for future inspections
  • Know how to demonstrate success in key inspection areas
  • Learn how to best utilise data to monitor progress and evidence improvement
  • Develop a school improvement strategy to improve inspection outcomes



Sara Wiggins, Consultant, ISI Consultancy

Sara is an experienced reporting inspector,  both in the United Kingdom and overseas. She has extensive experience in day and boarding schools. As well as leading inspections, Sara is also a member of the ISI Duty Team which provides advice and guidance to inspectors and schools and helps to decide inspection policy and practice. She monitors inspections, edits inspection reports and has previously worked for Ofsted. Sara also undertakes a wide range of consultancy projects for ISIC in the United Kingdom and  abroad and writes and delivers training for reporting inspectors and team inspectors. Prior to becoming an inspector she taught in a number of prep schools, including 10 years as a headmistress, and has also been a school governor. She has a degree in Theology and an MA in Education Management from the University of London. She enjoys walking, reading, travel and music.

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Trainer's Welcome and Introduction

Sara Wiggins, Consultant, ISI Consultancy


Understanding Developments to the Independent Inspections Framework

  • Understanding the inspections process and the differences between educational quality and regulatory compliance inspections
  • Establishing how to identify documentation needed to demonstrate compliance with regulations and how to assess whether they are compliant with requirements
  • Examining the standards and expectations of inspectors in terms of outcomes for pupils in terms of achievement and personal development
  • Understanding how inspectors will assess the behaviour and safety of students and what they will be looking for with regard to safeguarding policies
  • Understanding how inspectors are using data and what thresholds they apply
  • Learning how to best utilise data to monitor progress and evidence of improvement


Morning Break


Inspection of Boarding Settings

  • Preparing for inspection of boarding provision and ensure that National Minimum Standards for boarding are met
  • Knowing what is needed in relation to the welfare of boarding pupils
  • Demonstrating the impact of boarding provision on pupils’ achievement and personal development
  • Understanding challenges you may face during the inspection process and how to avoid common pitfalls




Preparing Your Staff, Governors and Pupils for Inspection

  • Examining useful resources for carrying out self-evaluation in preparation for an inspection
  • Recognising how the inspection will be carried out and what types of evidence and documentation to have available
  • Learning how to demonstrate the impact on outcomes for pupils of contributory factors like quality of leadership, management, teaching and learning and pastoral care
  • Establishing how to illustrate the school’s success in terms of pupils’ achievements and personal development in order to aid the inspection when it is taking place


Afternoon Break


Workshop: Evaluating Inspection Findings and Create an Effective School Improvement Strategy

  • Considering the criteria and grade descriptors for educational quality outcomes to assist in judging your own school
  • Examining a sample of a published report which includes the Inspector’s comments
  • Managing feedback and respond to recommendations
  • Creating effective leadership to support staff and school development
  • Considering the role of governors in the inspection process and in school improvement planning
  • Working with the Chair and peers to develop a strategy for improving school inspection outcomes
  • Specifying the steps you will take to meet current standards


Feedback, Evaluation and Close

*Programme subject to change

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