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Creating and Implementing an Effective Pupil Premium Strategy

primary & secondary education Training

09:15 - 16:15

Thursday 11 July 2019

Central London

It is imperative that every school effectively utilises Pupil Premium funding and that this funding is being used to have a transformative impact on disadvantaged pupils education. However, funding alone is not necessarily a guarantee to increased attainment, therefore, effective strategies need to be developed that enable schools to spend pupil premium funding in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Outstanding pupil premium strategies tend to be evidence-based with clearly measured transformative outcomes and impact and at a time of stretched budgets, school leaders and governors should be looking at delivering outstanding, value for money Pupil Premium strategies that are able to deliver the best outcomes for their most disadvantaged pupils.

Attend this Creating and Implementing an Effective Pupil Premium Strategy training course to learn how to develop an effective Pupil Premium strategy that you can take-away and implement within your own school that focuses on closing the attainment gap, delivering outstanding teaching and learning and providing effective support for disadvantaged pupils.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learning and understanding the recent changes to the Pupil Premium
  • Developing a cost effective, value for money spending plan for your Pupil Premium funding
  • Utilising data and analytics to demonstrate the impact of your pupil premium spend at your next inspection
  • Examining the best ways to utilise Pupil Premium Plus for looked after and post looked-after children
  • Successfully developing effective teaching and learning practices to raise attainment levels of disadvantaged pupils
  • Implementing an outstanding evidence-based pupil premium strategy in your school


Nigel Bishop, National Education Trainer and Consultant

Nigel is a National Education Trainer and Consultant, with over 28 years of experience in primary education.

With 22 years’ experience in primary education, including two successful headships, as well as over 5 years of training and consultancy work undertaken all over England, Nigel is able to bring a wealth of experience to bear on a wide range of issues that challenge school leaders, class teachers and learning support staff. As a national trainer and consultant Nigel has developed significant expertise in the effective use of the Pupil Premium and also in interpretation of school assessment data, including ASP (formerly RAISE). Nigel is also qualified person-centered counsellor.  

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Registration, Refreshments and Networking


Trainer’s Welcome and Introduction

Nigel Bishop, National Education Trainer and Consultant


Discussing the Pupil Premium Landscape and Current Statutory Pupil Premium Requirements

  • Discussing changes to funding and provision for disadvantaged pupils for 2018 to 2019
  • Analysing the Pupil Premium eligibility criteria and ensuring the effective use in your school
  • Understanding schools accountability in providing Pupil Premium
  • Evidencing your Pupil Premium strategy and outcomes during an inspection


Refreshments and Networking


Applying the Pupil Premium Toolkit and EEF Research Reports to Develop an Effective Action Plan for Your School

  • Understanding the key principles of the EEF Pupil Premium Toolkit – explore cost effective measures for raising attainment
  • Reflecting on your existing data and how this can be best utilised
  • Identifying effective programmes that will improve the attainment and progress of disadvantaged pupils in recipient of pupil premium in your school
  • Developing an effective pupil premium spending strategy for your school
  • Outlining tools and strategies that have achieved outstanding outcomes for pupil premium pupils
  • Learn how to demonstrate successful outcomes in diminishing the attainment difference – tell the story to stakeholders & Ofsted


Lunch and Networking


Effectively Utilising Pupil Premium Funding for Looked-after and Post Looked-after Children

  • Recognising the specific needs of looked-after and post looked-after children and making best use of Pupil Premium Plus
  • Identifying the gaps and ascertaining what works best, focusing on what really matters
  • Working with Virtual School Heads to support transition and better learning outcomes for looked-after children
  • Devising a plan to best utilise the funding and creating individually tailored, evidence-based strategy with clear objectives, milestones and measurable success criteria
  • Ensuring thorough oversite and evaluation to create better outcomes for looked-after and post looked-after pupils


Achieving High Quality Teaching and Learning Outcomes for Disadvantaged Pupils

  • Analysing how can you can improve teaching and learning practices using the pupil premium to improve progress and raise outcomes for disadvantaged pupils
  • Building a good relationship with your pupils to promote a better growth mindset in your disadvantaged students
  • Tracking your students’ progress and analysing what teaching and learning practices get the most engagement from pupils and putting interventions in place when progress has slowed
  • Understanding the situations of particular students and correcting misbehaviour by trying to isolate the undesirable behaviour from the student


Refreshments and Networking


Workshop: Creating an Evidence Based Pupil Premium Strategy and planning the Next Steps for your School

  • Learning how to successfully identify issues impacting upon children’s attainment
  • Identifying how to prioritise Pupil Premium children and enable better outcomes form the start
  • Analysing how meta-cognition and feedback can be used most effectively to accelerate progress
  • Getting the balance right between inclusive, quality first teaching strategies and interventions
  • Growing a culture – inscribing closing the attainment gap as one of your school’s core missions
  • Measuring and evidencing the impact of pupil premium – what practices and models are there for measuring impact and measuring spend?
  • Monitoring and evaluating the impact of any current strategies on pupils – creating a plan for change of methodology to enable better outcomes


Feedback, Evaluation and Close

*Programme subject to change

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